indian princess blouse by miss pretty perfect.

when designer, latoya stevens, posted her latest creation from her miss pretty perfect line on facebook this evening, i quickly gave my thumbs up which translates to clicking "like." if facebook had a "love" option, i would have clicked on that.
is this beautiful or what? the details: she'll custom create it based on your own measurements and color requests. it's made of traditional indian saree fabrics and satin. i was blown away when i first thought the belt was leather but i think it's actually satin. still so eclectic and flyy.
and um, i want it. it's $145. my birthday is next thursday. and i strongly believe in treating yourself on special occasions. don't you?
check out her etsy shop to see the rest of her goodies (makeup pouches and bags - you must check out the tani bag): missprettyperfect.etsy.com


missprettyperfect said...

Halimah, you are such a beautiful person with a kind spirit. Thank you so much for your support! I appreciate every thought and effort of love you've shown to me thus far. Cause we do go back to early creation stages. Do you remember?

mrs. halimah. said...

you are very welcome. i'm truly a fan of your work.
and how could i forget?! you were one of sgb's first designers and the first item ever sold on sgb was your rhinestone cube ornament for the cell phone. back in '05!

Anonymous said...