lace-front ridiculousneess.

i've remained silent on these lace-fronts. but i was too-through when i saw this recent flick of everyone's idol:
disappointed. like really, nicki minaj?

lace-front wigs are so ridiculously strange-looking. they are not the business. they just aren't.

let's back up. the lace-front wig creates a new hairline so that the wig hair looks more natural - like it's growing out of your scalp.
someone, somwhere can toss the mess out of a lace-front wig. i imagine that these have the potential to look very pretty. some get it right.
unfortunately, too many get it way wrong.

evvvverybody wants one now. but it's like champagne on a corona budget. if you can't pay to get it done right, why bother? furthermore, if the trina's, b's, tyra's and nicki's of the world aren't getting it quite right, then ma, you probably aren't either. and i can only imagine how damaging they are.
every new thing isn't for everyone. take it back to the glue-in or the sew-in, if you must. i'd bet blindly that it looks a helluva lot better than a lace-font.

rant over. i still love you.


Anonymous said...

thank you thank you thank you!!! i agree.

Chanda said...

I said the same thing. What's wrong with a sew in? You should come to my city. These girls are abusing thse lace fronts. And you can't tell them nothing. They think they are really doing soemthing with these lace fronts.

Lin said...

point em out! point em out! lol.

nikki necole said...

I have no words LOL

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post! Maybe if we get enough "lace front abuse awareness" in our communities, we can bring this atrocity to an end. lol

Anonymous said...
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