good ole' vaseline.

i've always sworn by vaseline. like i always felt if i woke up one morning and found myself without all of the products i use, i could make myself look half decent with only vaseline. funny story: when i first met my hubby, he thought i had a lip condition because i stayed with a jar of vaseline. lol. no, honey, i'm just addicted to lip stuff. no condition. lol.

anywho, despite my momma's warnings against slathering this stuff on my face, i found an article in people that backs up my infatuation for petroleum jelly. it calls vaseline the "beauty secret weapon" and lists these 4 uses for it:
  1. helps fragrance last longer ... dab on your skin, then spray on your perfume and it'll last all day.
  2. as a nightime lip treatment ... told ya. slather it on at night for soft, supple lips by morning. and yes i do this.
  3. use for beautiful brows ... use it as a brow gel to keep brow hairs in place
  4. make a colored mascara ... mix vaseline with eye shadow and then apply it to the tips of lashes with a mascara brush
i may have to give 1 and 4 a try.

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nikki necole said...

LOLLLL @ your hubby!!! I keep a small jar in my purse b/c it's the ONLY thing that keeps my lips in check for winter. This stuff is magic LOL