naeem khan, i love you.

and it was love at first sight. i'm probably late as a mug. matter fact, i know i'm late because his line began to make noise after our first lady, michelle obama, wore one of his gowns to the first state dinner back in november. this one:
don't you just love them, by the way.

i was reading a write up on khan's gowns on huffington post this afternoon and i damn near drooled. who is this man?! i had to research (aka google) further to find out what his story was. although there are a few pieces that are not my cup of tea, the majority of them, i'd rock the heck out of.
if i were a rich girl.
like these:

ahhh. and that's not all. check out his '09 and '10 lines on his site: naeemkhan.com

the usual names are a'ight. i mean gucci, louis vuitton, ysl will always be mainstream hot. but i frickin' love to be up on some new ish. love!

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