remember when we used to rock: jheri curls.

i use the word "we" loosely. i never rocked a jheri curl. but i have to keep it real and admit that i wanted one soooo bad. i was in 6th grade, back in like '88-'89. my best friend had one so i wanted one too. but mama wasn't having it. i recall her exact words:

me: mom, i want a jheri curl.
mom: you'll get over it.
thanks mom. that's one thing she said no to that i'm not even mad at.
this man is responsible for the popular 80s, unisex hairstyle:

mr. jheri redding, a hairdresser, chemist and hair care entrepreneur. i swear i thought the man behind this style was a little darker. no, really. didn't you?

well mr. redding was on to something. folks rocked jheri curls throughout most of the 80s and even into the 90s when the trend was losing its coolness. jheri curl sporters became subjects for mockers. remember coming to america?

darryl's whole family sported a curl and they all left wet spots on the couch from the activator aka the jheri curl juice.

i can't write this post with a straight face.


Lin said...

LMAO at your mom telling you you'll get over it! God bless mom.

nikki necole said...

LOLOLOL @ Your mom!!!! Totally sounds like my mom when she said no to lip-gloss. I still get mad when I think about it. But I digress....LOL This post is HEEE-LARIOIUS and I had NO idea the creator wasn't darker...wow!

Tracey said...

LMAO! Jaime Fox has come a looong way.