hermes opens men's store.

hermes man has just opened its first men's store on madison avenue in nyc, featuring ready-to- wear and accessories exclusively for men. the flagship store which lives right across the street will no longer house any products for men. president and ceo of hermes usa tells luxist.com, "of course, our staff will accomodate any of our clients who need help. if someone needs something across the street, such as a scarf for his wife, our staff will get it for him." a scarf for his wife, huh? ok.
i'll be damned. there's a whole lotta money out there, huh? handcrafted baseball gloves for $8,500. suits for $20,700. and crocodile jackets for $129,500. and only 38% of the flagship's store were from its men's line but chavez is sure that men will travel from all over the world since it is the only men's-only hermes boutique. he adds that several of his "made-to-measure" clients have already made appointments.
the luxist.com article goes on to say that hermes clients are recession-proof (no kidding) and 2009 figures showed a 8.5% increase in revenue for the company.
must be nice. must be real nice.
(lyfe's "must be nice" is playing in my head. better yet, dmx: "you've been eating long enough now stop being greedy ... give to the needy." lol.

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