laquan smith is the man.

i knew it as soon as i saw these:

yooooo! are you serious? are these not the hottest leggings you've seen ever? he's 21 and hails from nyc. his grandmomma taught him how to sew at the tender age of 13. he showed 15 sizzling, contemporary looks at this past fashion week in nyc. his name is ringing bells everywhere in fashion-land. andre leon talley already voiced this designer as a great choice for our first lady. big fashion names have rocked his threads - lady gaga, rihanna, amber rose. i love it. an indie designer explodes and is undeniably fierce. i'm so inspired. i gushed about naeem khan's work a few days ago; i just may have found yet another favorite designer.

yeh. laquan is going places. ask about him.

i need the black sequin jumpsuit. no, really. i do.

check out his site: laquansmith.com and tell me this man ain't dope.

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La:Dolce:Vita Fashion Fix said...

Yes Laquan Smith did that! He's dope.. Love what he did for Rihanna in Rude Boy...