timm gunn no likey the kardashian's style.

msn's wonderwall asked tim gunn (advisor to the project runway contestants) how he felt about the kardashian's new line at bebe and here's what he had to say:

"... i think the kardashian's have an absence of taste and
i don't think that should be perpetuated ..."

well who's got your panties in a ruffle, mr. gunn. well here's what we think, if you even care. i'd tend to agree that most celebrity lines are a disaster. they throw a famous name on a bunch of ridiculously tacky items that are headed directly for marshall's, t.j. maxx and ross.

but i think the kardashian sisters are cute. i love kourtney's style and kim looks hot most of the time. furthermore, opinions are opinions. every fashion authority, self-proclaimed flyy girl, sharp as a tack gay guy and fashionista - including me - do not have the final stamp on what is and what is not hot. fashion wouldn't be very interesting if we did. agree?

of course, i took a little look'sie at the kardashian line over at bebe. and no. i'm not running to my wallet to yank out that visa but i dug their silk jumpsuit, the silk romper and the one-shouldered pleated dress. bebe doesn't allow folks to steal their images, otherwise, i would have posted them here. but you can check it out for yourself at bebe.com.

i'd say mr. gunn has just did bebe/the kardashians a huge favor.
that is all.

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