remember when we used to rock: cleats.

and no, not on the field. we rocked them with our outfits, as a fashion statement. who started that? i have to do a little more research and find out.

i don't remember the exact year. it was definitely the 90s. i'm guessing some time around '93 maybe '94. but i might be off. i'm also trying to figure out if this was a philly thing or if this trend crossed state lines.
the cleats really weren't as uncomfortable as you'd think. i had a pair of nike ones - much cuter than the picture above.
i remember a guy in school asking me if i was wearing cleats. he had the most puzzled look on his face. lol. he didn't understand.
i think this trend lasted for a hot 5 minutes. years later, i spotted those cleats on my closet floor looking brand new. smh.

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