asos will launch 2nd hand e-marketplace.

we already love asos thiiisss much. now we can multiply that by 10. why? they're about to launch the asos marketplace, a fixed price marketplace, similar to ebay. the site will focus on clothes, shoes and accessories aimed at fashion lovers looking for deals on 2nd hand items and sellers looking to make some extra cash.

an ebay-like site aimed specifically at fashion sounds like a pretty awesome idea. and judging from the success of asos, i'm sure it'll be a hit. i wonder how the seller fees will compare. do you shop for fashion on ebay? do you think ebay sellers will ditch their current ship and jump onboard to the asos marketplace? time will tell.

i'll definitely be checking it out.


Living Fly on a Dime said...

I'm so looking forward to this. ASOS has quickly become one of my fave online retailers, so this new venture should be cool!

CarmenSays said...

this sounds gooooood. I've never bought from asos but i'd love to see how this works out xx

FunnyFaceBeauty said...

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