remember when we used to rock: friendship bracelets.

since yesterday was national friendship day, it's only right that today's used to rock subject is friendship bracelets. if you were a child of the 90s, then chances are you've made at least one friendship bracelet in your life. myself? i've made plenty. i was a crafty little thing in my younger days. i made jewelry and gimp key chains, reinvented clothes and shoes with various bits and baubles and yes, made friendship bracelets. i had a childhood friend named jackie. jackie and i would hike over to k-mart and sift through their incredible inventory of embroidery thread. they had colors for days. and it was cheap!

there were different styles - twisted, braided and woven. i recall the twisted style being the easiest for me to make. the woven bracelets (above) were harder for some reason - it would start off pretty and then get tangled.

and of course, like many trends, the more you had the better. the drawback: they'd get wet and dirty quickly.

and if this post has suddenly made you nostalgic and you feel the urge to make one, click here to find out how.