vintage music saturday: push it.

i can't believe i've never featured salt n pepa for vintage music saturdays. the 80s trio is one of the best selling female rap groups of all time. i was a super fan. they were my first concert ever. how they dressed, how they wore their hair, their jewelry - all something to be admired. and you may peep the video and realize that who you thought started a particular trend, actually didn't.

this video alone is full of trends that have been repeated: lopsided dos, dooky chains and bodysuits. i begged my mom for a pair of doorknocker earrings ... "come on mommmm" ... i mean, salt n pepa rocked them. mom wasn't having it so i settled for some modest ones with my name inscripted in them. i had the same red leather pirate boots that they're rocking in this video a few years ago. mine came from steve madden and i wore them out. they were my favorite.

push it was the group's first major hit in the late 80s. funny, i was a young girl when they came out and i swore they were singing, "shut up this is bullshit," instead of "ahhhh, push it." ha. check it:

click on the music player on the bottom of the screen to mute the background music.

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