istanbul's grand bazaar.

i'm now fixated on figuring out how me and the hubby can escape to istanbul. and soon. i read a post about the bargaining at the bazaar on fashionista and have been googling it ever since. i want to go!

wiki tells me that istanbul's grand bazaar is one of the largest and oldest covered markets in the world. it opened in 1461 and crosses 58 covered streets. it holds over 1,200 shops and attracts up to 400,000 visitors daily. (mental note: i've got to work on my patience in big crowds.) they sell jewelry, leather, pottery and spices - all organized by type.

almost every article i've read warns of the bargaining at the market. i'd definitely get some tips from hubby, he's got that down pact. vendors may give you a hard time if you don't like their price. one person's advice: ask for half the asking price. if they don't bite, walk away. they will follow you. maybe that's why i didn't do so well selling at a flea market a couple years ago. my books sold like hotcakes but when it came to some of the nicer stuff - it was like selling salt to a slug. i had a pair of almost brand new shoes of tye's. i was only selling them for 12. this guy walks over and wants then for 2. heck no! he walked away and those shoes ended up in the village thrift store.

so yes, istanbul has been added to the places to go list. what exotic geographic spots are on your list?

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