let's go text shopping.

years ago we thought shopping online was innovative. how about shopping by text?

well you can do just that at subports, an online shop for independent retailers of fashion, art and design. the pretty cool idea was crafted by two guys by the name of karl conrad and william robinson. how it works: sign up and link your credit card to your phone, save your shipping info and once you see something you like, you text the corresponding item subcode to 767825 (spells portal). you'll receive a confirmation text and then you're all set. no user names, passwords, shopping carts, etc.

the site has been around for about a year and new vendors are signing on daily. vendors are able to promote their items offsite, as well. it may take some getting used to but i think it's pretty cool. you?

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Anonymous said...

Shopping by text?
smh.. I've officially heard it all.