sasha fierce in new fall 2010 house of dereon ad.

sasha fierce came with a naughty girl steeze for her new fall 2010 house of dereon ad. short blonde do (which i'm feeling) and fake tatts. ok.

i still wouldn't bet the ranch that there's anything in this collection that i'd even think about wearing. #let'sbehonest.


Janique said...

I think everyone in the blog world posted this photo. She looks great. The dress is hot no doubt about it, but the collection always look cheap. If they have more dresses that look like this...without the dereon logo anywhere in sight, I would buy it.

I'm being honest lol

VJDesarden ~ Ronnie said...

She look amazing as always. But her collection never looks like that. And she rarely wear anything from her collection. Its just not for grown-ups. lol. It sorta reminds me of apple bottoms, so i pass.