bad karma for american apparel?

american apparel stock shares are down, revenues have dropped about a disappointing 8 mill and their growth profit has dropped about 9% from last year. not very promising. could this be bad karma for their exclusive hiring processes?

ambercrombie, whose clothes seem to be the uniform of choice for every teen-to-be and teenager (at least in my old neighborhood back home in philly), are also planning to close 60 stores throughout the country. i guess parents aren't too thrilled about throwing out 60 or 70 bucks for a flimsy shirt anymore.

make no mistake about it, times are still a little rough for most folks. unless you live in your mama's basement and pay minimal bills, it's still a little hard for most to justify spending ridiculous amounts of cash on clothes these days. still flyy, just finding less expensive options.

do you shop less, more or the same than you did 5 years ago?

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