stop! in the name of fashion.

please tell me that this was an inside joke that you had to be watching to be in on. i didn't watch this segment of 106 & park but i spotted these pictures and i'm a bit perplexed.

it's no secret that i don't care for chris brown. but did he really wear this alongside that fine idris elba:

ok where do i start? i can accept the above the knee cut off shorts. i can accept the sneaks. but whose nana got jacked for her 3rd sunday plaid blazer? that is all kinds of wrong. and he needs to stop. immediately.

if you've been hanging around this blog long enough, you know i dig personal style to the utmost. but chris breezy, this is not flyy. and if he just had to rock this tailored woman's blazer (no one can tell me this was made for a man ... not even in europe), why did he leave it buttoned up. ohhhh, i get it. so we could get the full effect.

i'm looking for 1 person. just 1, to co-sign this look.

and yes. i just went in.

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