remember when we used to rock: coordinated outfits.

"you got to coorrrdinate" -john witherspoon

so back in the day, me and my girls couldn't/didn't sing like tlc but we walked around the neighborhood like we were some kind of group. lol. remember wearing identical or similar outfits as your clique?! those were the days.

we'd get our little money together and walk to the mall and hit joyce leslie, merry go round or weathervane and buy the same outfits in different colors. if there were more of us than different colors than we'd double up - me and stany would get pink, shewanna and shann might get blue ... etc.

we had the short sets, the jean shorts with the leather in front, the plaid outfits from au coton...and don't let shawn or someone else in the neighborhood have a house party...oh, we'd do it up with our $19.99 outfits. i GOTS to pull the old photos out ... priceless pix.

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Nikki Necole said...

where can i sign up for those abs though? LOL