running in heels.

in about 40 minutes, i'll be tuning in to the style channel's new reality show: running in heels. the series on working at marie claire will document what it's really like to work in the industry. three interns will get a taste - devil wears prada style.

the show will hopefully help to boost marie claire's brand recognition since these days magazines are taking a beating - marie claire's ad pages have declined 11+% since this time last year. newstand sales are down too but will hopefully grow after the show.

i'll be watching. and although marie claire is not one of the many magazines that i read regularly, i really do hope that this depression (yes, i said depression and not recession) will not be the death of my favorite magazines. i love, love, love my magazines. and uh, it's the only reading i get in these days.


Opé - Style Artist said...

I couldn't find it... hope it was good.
Best regards,

miss halimah. said...

you're in luck ope. they'll be playing repeats. it's on the style channel.

and i'll be tuning in next week!