self destruction.

can i just tell you russ parr played this on the wrong songs yesterday and i was in my car singing it like i wrote it. it's been 20 years. yup it was 1989 when a posse of our favorite rappers came together for the stop the violence movement. i remember sitting on three-way with my old boyfriend and another friend arguing over who would get heavy d's part as we all took turns singing the verses. lol

and now it's 2009 and the song is still relevant. this is one of my all time favorites. pure 80s. could these rappers today come together for something like this? what do you think? i think they could. but i'd hate to be the one tasked with coordinating it. the egos would be ridiculous.

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miss halimah. said...

so many mentionables but gotta love how KOOL, kool moe dee is in the beginning of this video.
love it.