behind the scenes: sgb lookbook shoot.

so last week, i told you, we shot sgb's first lookbook shoot. the final lookbook won't be revealed until a little later but you know i showed up with my fancy camera. i crack myself up whenever i pull it out because it always makes me look a little more official than i am. but that's ok, one of these days i'll be sick with it ... and perhaps even shooting my own shoots. ha. picture that.

here's the behind the scene flicks shot by yours truly.

ryan (model) getting further beautified by marie (mua/pretty faces by marie):

the before picture of the bedroom scene:

bo (photographer) and ryan in action:

it was an absolute pleasure working with each of them. and i'm not just saying that. bo, ryan and marie were cool and professional ... so refreshing to work with folks who are about their business.
stay tuned for the final lookbook coming later this spring.