celebrity apprentice: i can finally turn the tube back on.

tv is yawn lately. every evening, tye switches through the channels and every evening i whine that nothing comes on anymore.

but that's all about to change. finally. tye's show is nip tuck. and i'm still watching making the band for yet another season. next we have the harlem heights about to kick off - the bet reality show with kanye's ex. and keeping up with the kardashian's, yeh i'll be watching.

but something new that i'm a little excited about is celebrity apprentice. i never got into it before but seeing the celeb line-up piques my interest.
t-boz, khloe k, joan r., her daughter what's-a-name, dennis r. (who spooks the hell out of me), brian mcknight, and some more familiar faces. it starts tonight at 9 on nbc.
you watching?

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