dig it or bury it: brooke from harlem heights.

so did you watch harlem heights last night? it was a'ight. i'll give it another episode or so to get exciting. i do like the fact that bet isn't only fascinated with the wayward. did i just say wayward? i guess that's my political term. i'll just say it, with those who are f'ed up, no direction, etc. they're actually highlighting a group of young professionals who, for the most part, are headed in a promising decision.

monday night the premiere party went down and just when i thought i loved brooke's style steeze, she pops up in this:
not sure how i feel about this. ok, i'm lying, still trying to be political for some reason. truth is i hate it. is it just me? what do you think - do you dig her outfit or want to bury it?


Opé - Style Artist said...

I give her credit for being sassy enough to pull it off.

I don't love it but I can't say she looks bad in it.

It's not an outfit for the ladies approval...this one dresses for the men.
So in that case she gets all marks because she is giving it away and it's still under wraps.

Best regards,

Crafty Hands said...