yoga toes?!

so all week i've been mentioning my two photo shoots this week. i had one on thursday in dc with bo and another yesterday with carla in va. very productive week. can't wait to share the photos with you.

anyway, my feet hurt, yawl - running around at shoots trying to look cute in boots when i needed to be in some flats. i need a pedicure. not a corny one from my local nail shop but a real, serious one with a thorough massage.

so i was reading my us weekly and i always peek at the marketplace ads in the back. that's when i saw an ad for yoga toes. yoga toes?! they look like this:
and they claim to help recover your toes from stress and strain and a sleuth of other things. too bad i can't justify spending $50 on these things but in case you can, check them out at yogapro.com.

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