word of the day: disgusting.

real quick: i love when my girls send me inspiration and my girl nikki is good for that. today she shared with me the story of a young lady she had the pleasure to meet, phillipa hughes, lawyer turned art event planner (pink line project - google her).

how inspiring is someone who quits their 9 to 5 to follow their passion. you always hear me talking about that. and since that pretty much describes my current situation - meantime freelancer with big entrepreneur ambitions, allergic to permanent 9 to 5 situations, yeh, yeh, that's me - then i just thought i'd share.

between yesterday's sermon, a random person's facebook status, and nikki's email, i'm constantly inspired to keep pushing. it's not a coincidence. i hope whomever is reading this is also surrounded by people and things that keep them determined and inspired. if not, then seek that.

and to get back on the track, the other day tyra said that the word "fierce" is overused. she's probably right. so she says the new word is "disgusting." so i say that if we aren't already, we're well on our way to being DISGUSTING!

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