remember when we used to rock: crimps.

yes, yes yawl. i took it back with crimps. now i know i'm not the only one who rocked them. i believe it was the late 80s when i scribbled a crimp iron on my christmas list and handed it to my parents. although for the majority of my adolescent life i stayed in the salon at least once every 2 weeks, i was the typical young girl who stayed experimenting on my hair.
i recall crimps being a bit tricky though. my hair never hung to my behind (unless i bought it) so i had to work those crimps to make sure my hair didn't turn into a frizz mop. typical 80s.
so can crimps make a cool comeback. i can see it. a couple years ago, fergie popped up to an australia press conference crimped out! so i ask you, is this trend a disaster that should be left in the 80s or can it make a viable comeback?

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Nikki Necole said...

Next they'll bring back banana clips LOL....I used to rock crimps, but this is one trend that needs to stay in the 80s....