j KO's chris breezy t-shirt.

lol. a reader sent this to me from the woooha site and asked me would i rock this upper playground t-shirt. well, tynisha, no. i wouldn't rock it. personally. but not for any particular issues with the shirt. the shirt depiction is so exagerrated and j has completely nothing to do with it other than being concerned about young rihanna like most of are. but point taken. ha haa.

it's so timely that someone would send me a link on it because i'm sitting here watching oprah and developing my business plan. and i'm writing about the fashion industry and how fashion was, is, and will forever be a statement. even if you don't mean to make a statement, you make one. fashion works hand in hand with culture, society and current events. the fact that we can fashionably respond to life with whatever we can imagine, excites me! although some swear fashion is frivolous, i'm convinced that i've picked a damn good career to be passionate about.

i digress.

anywho, would you rock it? why or why not?

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