me and my bright ideas: sgb name change, though?

watch out everyone. lim has had yet another light bulb moment. i suddenly have the urge to change the sui generis boutique name. i'm not sure if this just a fleeting thought or will i really go through with it.

what you think? back in '05, i fell in love with the term sui generis as soon as the dictionary.com word of the day email told me what it means: only one of its kind, unique. i thought it fit well for vintage clothing and the sgb format ... one of a kind, do you, stand out, yadda yadda.

but folks, i'm just vintage period. old school music, old school tv, old school swag ... i'm attracted to all that reps anything before the current. yep, just about. i'm thinking something more vintage'y.

my brain is on over-time this morning ... hmm ... wondering if i should go for it.


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nish said...

sui generis is sui generis to me. i like it and wouldn't change it.

nikki necole said...

Change is good.....rebirth of a new site = new name!