omg becky. look at her butt.

i find it absolutely hilarious that the new york daily news is calling big butts this summer's new trend. umm ... helloooo. big butts have been "in" even before sir mix alot told us in 1992 that his anaconda don't want none unless you got buns. even before bell, biv and devoe told us in '89 that you can't trust a big butt and a smile.

could it be that maybe they're just catching on to the appeal of a pronounced derrier? took them long enough. some of us have known for quite some time that a lil' junk in the trunk ain't never hurt no one.

it's funny though. women who once worked so hard to get rid of that extra back action are now doing exercises to accentuate their behinds. and of course, surgeons are laughing all the way to the bank as they are doing more and more butt implants. read our numbers don't lie post for the stats.

the summer of 2002, i think, was the first time i witnessed a chick wearing butt pads. i was in miami for memorial day and i spotted it from across the street. i was shocked. are chicks really wearing butt pads, i thought.

so while we're talking butts, tell me what you think. would you spend some money for surgery or pads like angel lola luv and nicki minaj? or are you in the gym straight working it out like ki toy? or are you a serena or kim kardashian and naturally shaking what your momma gave you? or are you reading this shaking your head and thinking that all of this butt talk is utterly ridiculous?
you tell me.


VJDesarden ~ Ronnie said...

Is that Serena??? OMG! Her butt is huge! But anyway, butts have always been in style. And I think they will never go out of style bcz men will always love a big butt and a smile :-). I myself dont have a big butt...I wish I did but I will just continue shaking what my momma gave me.
luv Ronnie VJDesarden

Janique said...

Lol...great post. I personally wouldn't pay for a butt. Its not safe and not that serious. Do it the old fashion way...squats and lunges...