project runway 8 premieres tonight.

pr returns for its 8th season tonight on lifetime. will you be watching? i didn't watch last season or even the season before. i was a little done once they stiffed korto from the all star challenge. she was so obviously the winner.

some changes to the show include the air time: from 10 to 9PM and now 90 minutes instead of 60, to show more of the deliberation between the judges. there will be 17 contestants instead of 16 and there will be new twists and turns to keep the show interesting. i would have loved to see a refreshed panel of judges. nina irks me most of the time.

i don't know if i'll tune in this season. besides, omarosa's ultimate merger is on tv one at the same time. maybe i can catch up on saturdays.

last night, heidi klum, the show's host, attended the show's premier in nyc rocking a white jumpsuit, a cropped black blazer, red pumps and a pompadour hair do. also noticeable is the absence of any accessories. i've always said that klum is stunning and she's always dressed to kill. how do you like her look?


Anonymous said...

I'm loving her outfit, the blazer is cute :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not a big TV watcher in general but I might check out a couple episodes. I really like her outfit in these pics though :)