camper mar peep toe pump: bike in style.

ok, ladies. it's week #2 of my fitness kick. i've been working out daily. jump rope, jumping jacks, crunches, walking, classes. yeh. all of that. hubby has a bike and wants to buy me one so we can add biking to our fitness routine. imagine seeing me ride down the street in these:

it's the camper mar bcn peep toe yellow pump and it was specifically designed for biking. i don't know about you but i don't necessarily feel my cutest while working out. sure, i have a little workout outfit that's pretty decent looking. but i'm hot. my hair is all pinned up and i have that struggling to get to 100 look. i'm all about my business when i'm working out. but for you fashion-all-the-time chicks, these may be just up your alley. i will be sticking to my sneaks but these definitely look comfy.

$127 @ publicbikes.com

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