the material girl's girl blogs.

so by now you've probably heard that madonna has a new clothing line, material girl. it debuts in august and can be found in macy's. you already know how we feel about celeb lines so um ... keep an eye out for it. i guess.

what's cooler than the line itself, in my humble opinion, is that madonna has her daughter, lourdes a.k.a. lola, involved. madonna told wwd that lola has "... been coming to meetings pretty much from the very beginning ... i really like the way lola dresses, and i think this line is absolutely an extension of her taste." that's cool. get them out there while they're still young!

lola has started a blog for the new line called material world where she adds her $0.02 to all things fashion. i took a look at her blog and so far i've learned that tie dye is making a comeback (yay!) and that gladiator sandals are out (ms. lola, we respectfully disagree). check it.

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