that's what i call fake louboutins: fouboutins.

we all know that you can't find a pair of genuine louboutins for less than $595. but that hasn't stopped sites from popping up and selling fake versions for $400 and less. a 20/20 special that aired last week, according to style list, explores the growing number of websites that are selling fouboutins. 80% of the fakes, they say, come from china.

in response, christian louboutin has launched stopfakechristianlouboutin.com to raise awareness and expose the sites that are peddling the fouboutins.

as i read the article, it was evident that louboutin's approach to combat the issue was to target the suppliers. however, there was no mention of the consumers that knowingly buy fake merchandise. i mean, you'd have to be living in a bubble to think that you got lucky enough to score a pair of genuine louboutins for 100 bucks. i don't care how super the sale is. did not thousands of people make regular trips to canal street in nyc once upon a time to cop the best looking phony coach, gucci, louis vuitton items they could find. and you know the dude who is pushing that "designer ish" in the hair salon on saturday morning isn't selling no real fendi for $20.

my point: these sites aren't pulling the wool over our eyes. it's a recession and some folks want to look good by any means necessary. they'll buy good fakes. willingly. check the seams, make sure the g's on the wanna-be gucci are actually g's and boom, you got yourself a sell. personally, i wouldn't bother much but whatever floats your boat.

i still believe that every chick should have at least 1 pair of louboutins. i mean their just so splurge-worthy.

what real looks like ... yum!

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Janique said...

I remember when I first saw a site selling Fouboutins. They were $150 and I was like you can't be serious...and then the next day in the paper there was a 2page article exposing the fake sites.

I went to this one girl's blog and she actually said she was excited to share the news and was getting ready to purchase a pair. I hope she didn't.