kahri's 2010 fall collection: a quick chat with the designer + a peek at the collection.

if you've been down with sgb since day 1, then you remember that we are a big fan of kahrianne kerr. we first launched in october of 2005, halloween to be exact, and our e-shop was full of kahri items. our customers loved it and the very first item we sold to a non-family member was a bubble mini-dress by kerr. an image of another dress of kerr's ended up in a brief sgb write-up in dc style magazine. and so yes, we have plenty of love for her work.

from a farm in iowa to the big bubbling city of new york, kerr has made tremendous strides in the world of fashion. you can find her in over 20 boutiques across the US and internationally and over 30 e-shops.

i caught up with her this past weekend to get the scoop on her latest line, her fall 2010 cherrybomb collection. and of course, a sgb interview wouldn't be complete without a couple of random questions. check it:

what's the inspiration behind your cherrybomb fall 2010 collection?
the fall 2010 collection is inspired by the glam punk girl group, the runaways and their hit song cherrybomb.

your tagline is "be rebellious". tell us what that means to you and how that represents your collections/brand.
i think being rebellious can mean different things to different people. to me it just means having the courage to be yourself, wear what you want, and do whatever makes you happy. my collection is for people who kick ass so i make sure the clothes match the personality.

what future plans can we expect from khari?
well, slowly but surely kahri will expand. for now, i've got a new line of leather handbags out for fall 2010 and i'm working on spring 2011 now.

a song/album that you can listen to over and over?
pretty much all of cat power's albums, i especially love the song the greatest. i'm a huge no doubt/gwen stefani fan and garbage rocks too. plus i love sia, fiona apple, pj harvey, the beatles, and lots more.

your favorite style icon?
gwen stefani

style is ...

check out more of her collections, past and present, over at the kahri site.

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