old school trend: swatch watches.

raise your hands (and make em' stay there :) if you were rocking a swatch back in the 80s! what! anybody who was somebody had a swatch watch.

after reading that the founder of the swiss product, nicholas hayek, passed away on monday at the age of 82, i got very reminiscent of this old school trend.

a swatch wasn't just any watch. born in 1983, it was fun and vinyl. bold colors and designs made it recognizable from across the room. the watch head was interchangeable so everyone's looked a bit different.

ok so you remember the watch. but who remembers the swatch guard? yup. this accessory sent parents everywhere running back to the store to buy the ultra-cool and very necessary watch head cover. they were multi-colored, rubber band strips. and if you were fancy, you'd twist a couple of them together for unique look.

i have another one for you. who remembers the swatch wall clock? it was designed as a wall-sized version of the actual swatch. mine was yellow and black and hung right alongside my bed. ahh, the memories.

(i don't remember mine being quite this big)

sgb has about 10 old school, original swatches that will be available for retail once we re-emerge. stay tuned.

and rest peacefully, mr. hayek.

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