vintage music saturday: 2 legit 2 quit.

front if you want but mc hammer was the man back in the day. most hate to acknowledge his relevancy in the music game but you can't deny him. his reign was short, comparatively speaking, but his mainstream appeal was incredible. dude had his own doll, his own cartoon (hammertime), several endorsements (pepsi, kfc, taco bell are just a few) and a fashion trend that will always be known as hammer pants. i don't know another rapper who has snagged that type of success. he could dance his ass off and i love watching him get it in his videos.

hammer has hung up the hammer pants and shiny shoes and now spends his time as a preacher. watch him in his 1991 hit, 2 legit 2 quit, featuring james brown ... love this.

get buck, get buck, get buck ...

scroll to the bottom and click the music player to mute the background music.

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