h by harris bags.

can i tell you how in love i am with the h by harris leather bag collection? well i'm really in love with the h by harris collection.

designer, harris elliot, discovered his need for a stylish laptop bag. so he came up with this:

an ultra soft hand quilted nappa leather laptop case. sleek! (comes in black, white, red and royal, 225 pounds.)

his collection also includes totes (485 pounds), weekend bags (730 pounds) and rucksacks . i'm loving them all.

check out his site at hbyharris.com. or check him out here.


La:Dolce:Vita Fashio Fix said...

Very cute! I like the royal blue laptop bag.. I'm going to check the site now.

Living Fly on a Dime said...

These are too cute. The black duffle bag is my fave!