remember when we used to rock: laverne & shirley's.

we called them laverne & shirley's. i've heard some call them pumpkin seeds. or decks. or just bo-bos. back in the day, this was the summertime shoe of choice. we tried to keep them as clean as flour. and when they got dirty, what did we do? threw them in the wash machine and cleaned them back up. back in the early 90s, me and my girl friends used to walk to K-Mart and buy two pair at a time. they cost like $2.99. then we would buy sequins and glue them all over to flyy them up. we swore we were doing something.
fast forward to a few years later, we stepped our game up to keds - you know, same as the others just with the blue rubber logo on the back. i rocked high top leather keds in high school and if i could find them now, i'd still rock them.

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