remember when we used to rock: boxes.

so, i know this haircut was called different names depending on what part of the map you reside. but i'll use the name we used in philly: boxes. new yorkers call it high top fades, dc called it phillies, but we called it boxes.

regardless of what you called it, i'm sure you remember it all so well. the hottest hair style that your old boyfriends used to rock. a box was essential, wasn't it? if he didn't have one then who was he?! am i lying? nope. big daddy kane and kid from kid and play made just about every b-boy pressed to grow their hair as high as possible. even your boy, vanilla ice, rocked one. i remember guys were pulling out blow dryers to stretch their hair as tall as possible. yeh, it was that serious.

and of course they got a little creative. from the ordinary box haircut bloomed the stair step, an actual stair step design cut into the box. and we can't forget the gumbi - high on one side and slanted lower on the other. how about the jef - high in the front and lower in the back. and then our man, kwame, put a little peroxide on the rim of his box. the possibilities were endless.

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