my basic must-haves: beauty.

we all have them. several must-have essentials that complete us. without them, it just doesn't feel right. here are just a few of my of-the-moment, daily essentials:

i have skin care commitment issues. it's not unusual for me to switch up my skin cleansing regimen 2-3 times a year. right now i'm on palmer products - the face bar and the face moisturizer. so far, so good.
i use a toner although i'm not convinced that it does anything.

exfoliate! once a week, at least.

the sephora sales associate scolded me last week for not using a separate eye cream. still i opted for this $15 one at cvs rather than the $52 dollar one she tried to get me to buy.

tye laughs at my lotion habit. i thought it was normal: you shower, you lotion. right? i don't care if it's summer or winter, i must lotion down fully after i get out the shower - i use a heavier lotion during the cold and a lighter one in the heat. doesn't every woman? unhydrated skin is uncomfortable!

you can count on seeing a tube of this in my house at all times, especially for my lips.

someone gave me a free sample of chocolovers perfume. not bad!

we battle over the heat all the time. it's always too hot and dry for me. humidifier saves the day by putting some cool moisture in the air.

what are your basic beauty must-haves?
stay tuned for my make-up essentials tomorrow!

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