introducing tiffany ariany.

so what do you do on the morning of your mini-shoot when you're fighting a cold that has you blowing your nose every 5 seconds, 1 of the 2 models stands you up and your photographer is M.I.A? you buy a box of kleenex because off brand tissues just won't do, you decide that the compensation you would have given the no show would now go to your sephora bill which you planned to visit immediately after the shoot, and you grab that real deal camera and shoot yourself.

yeh i did that. and i can't even front. i was proud of myself. never skipped a beat.

i pull up in the ruby tuesday's parking lot at around 9:07 AM. tiffany had beat me there. we waited not even 5 minutes for my no show. i then waved tiffany to follow me to the clubhouse, the location of our shoot. the show must go on.

tiffany was accompanied by her lovely and sharp mother who is also the manager to tiffany's budding acting career. yup. tiffany is an actor. google her.

all the models i've worked with in the past have been a pleasure to work with. tiffany was no exception. her professionalism was tremendous. i hope she comes back when we do our big shoot this spring.

check for more pictures of the fabulous sgb items that tiffany modeled throughout the week. without further ado, here she is:

miss tiffany for sgb.
vintage blouse, sgb, winter '09.

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