e.l.f. re-discovery.

someone has created a monster. i told you a few days ago that i fell in love with makeup and am now an official makeup wearer. don't ask why it took me so long. not sure. and i guess i wasn't completely nude; i did wear concealer, mascara, and of course lip color. but now i'm head over heels, like a little kid in a candy store, with all of it!

anyway, a while back my sister and a girl friend told me about e.l.f. but i never paid much attention. yesterday, we went to sephora and i didn't find what i was looking for and my sister reminded me about e.l.f. then she mentioned the $1 prices. did i hear her correctly? somehow i missed that when i first heard about it.

so i ventured over to their website this morning and did a little shopping. i had a ball. prices are great. especially for brushes. and if you are a little more fierce with it then they have a studio page with more professional items that are a little more expensive.

it's a new year, so you may want to pull out that make up bag and replace some of those old items - so check it out: eyeslipsface.com

p.s. - and since it's the new year and you're fresh on your resolution of shopping responsibly, google elf coupons before placing your order. i ended up with a savings of $7.50. hey, it all helps. oh and i almost forgot, i also received a free glamour subscription with my order and a free gift for recommending the site to 3 friends. guilt free shopping. gotta love it.

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