my basic must haves: fashion.

so i shared my beauty sequence on tuesday, my make-up routine on wednesday, and last but not least my fashion essentials.

here are just a few:
a big a$$ bag. honey, never mind if it's "in" or "out", 9 x out of 10 i have a big bag slung over my shoulder. an usual exception is if you catch me out and about at a lounge or something. in that case, i opt for a clutch because it's too annoying to carry a big one.
true story: new year's eve 07, me and tye went to this crowded, tight party downtown and i carried this huge bag. no, you don't understand. it was colossal. the bag looks like luggage. imagine me trying to work my way through the crowd with it. i felt like an idiot. but the bag was gorgeous.
a short, cropped jacket. usually leather. i have a thing for these. absolutely love the look. i own a couple and since i'm always driving or on the go, it's the convenient choice. even when it's 40 degrees.
lbd. every fashion maven has one, right? wrong. unfortunately, i really haven't found a season- appropriate lbd yet. my favorite is along the lines of the one pictured here but i'm not about to pull that from the back of my closet until about may.
on my honor, i will always have a fresh pack of men's, size small, wife b's. i sleep in them, wear them around the house or under low cut shirts. for the past several summers, i've been doubling them and wearing them alone as tops. i even like the men's v-necks too.
white button up. classic or detailed with a flattering fit. very necessary.
hoody. i bought this nail polish hoody a couple days ago. i don't really do hats, but a hoody paired with or without an umbrella is great for rainy days. keep a few fun ones on hand.
cross. tye bought me a cross like this a year or two ago. it's dainty and reminds me who's boss.
big hoops. in gold and in silver.
so what are your basic essentials?

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Opé - Style Artist said...

My wingtips on my eyes...I go nowhere without them.