yes, yes yawl.

i feel privileged to be living in this area. a hop, skip, and a jump from obama festivities and the remarkable chance that some time during his administration, i'll run into the man behind the movement. or even michelle.

yesterday, me and my mom ventured down to the lincoln memorial for the obama concert. it was fabulous. we layered up, refused to buy 2 dollar hand and toe warmers for 5 dollars, and stood around for hours waiting and more hours for the actual concert.

everyone was there. denzel. jaime fox. b. mary. u2. garth brooks. forrest whittaker. tom hanks. usher. will.i.am. stevie. herbie. on and on. me and mom were pumped.

i met d-nice:
yes, he's just as fine in person. and so what my eyes were half closed.
me, pointing out my special edition obama farecard:

gotta go, gotta go. dc is prepared. i swear there were like a thousand and one port-a-potties:

i was mesmerized while listening to obama. and proud:
mom and me. not many ride harder for obama than her:
truly proud:

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