project runway fantasy: let's pretend.

let's pretend you could have any outfit in the world designed just for you and for free. whatever you wanted. the only catch is you had to pick a winning designer from project runway. who would you pick?

would it be jay mccarroll from season 1:

chloe dao from season 2:

jeffrey sebelia from season 3:

season 4's christian siriano:

or leanne marshall from season 5:
jay was pretty fabulous, wasn't he? hmm. leanne is amazing. but i think i'd have to go with season 4's christian siriano. how about you?


K. Gerke said...

Christian. I love him. He's crazy, but I love him.

Nikki Necole said...

Leanne. Her designs are outside of the box & fresh & new...like me! :-)

Nina said...

Jeff! I love the hard rocker look.