rain can't stop the show: shuella.

i need to start a "why didn't i think of that?" tag.
shuella. that's short for shoe umbrella.
founder, rebecca miller, came up with the idea because everytime it would rain she had nothing cute to protect her shoes. these durable cuties are small enough to fit in your handbag and come with a cloth to clean up excess water. these come in typical shoe sizes and can be worn over any size heel. brilliant.


Bert said...

My wife purchased a pair from their website at www.Shuella.com and she absolutely loves them. So much so that she just bought a second pair. Plus, they offer free shipping to anywhere in the world! A tip of my hat to the inventor - Rebecca Miller

Lynne Bredfeldt said...

I absolutely love my Shuella's! I have the classic black, which are perfect for any outfit! I live in high heels (all heights!) so, these fit perfectly over my heels. I also love them because they come with a zipper pouch and drying cloth, which make them very functional to throw in my purse!