remember when we used to rock: lopsided do's.

right now, some of you are probably like "used to?! ... i still do." well way before kelis and victoria rocked it, around the way 80s/90s girls were rocking it.

salt, pepa, and spin were the best examples. they went all out and shaved one side while the other side hung beneath their eyes.

i feel like i rocked this hair cut for years, now that i think about it. when it was in and when it was out. i was pressed to get this hair cut. you hear me? pressed. my first lopsided/asymmetrical/tilt whatever you want to call it was around '88 or '89. mom would take me down to 5th street every other saturday to get my hair did. we used to call curls on top of curls - stacks - so i'd get my stacks, hanging low on one side. the other side wasn't shaved but it was real short. swore i was cute.

then in high school, i rocked the asymmetrical once again minus the stacks. this time it was shaved in the back.

finally just a couple of years ago, kelis and victoria inspired me to do it once more. yup. i definitely wore this style out.

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