11 money etiquette issues.

i just read this fabulous article on money etiquette issues and wanted to share.

how many times has a nosy someone (maybe you even did it yourself) asked how much you spent on your house or car or something like that? how about you go out to eat with your girls and order an appetizer and water while everyone else orders entrees and drink like fish but want to split the bill? or your ballin' friends insist on treating you out but you don't want to feel like a moocher. ever collected for a group gift and someone is suppose to come up with their portion but never do: "i got you," they say, but then get amnesia when they see you.

well this article addresses those uncomfortable money situations. i'm sure you can relate with at least one of the scenarios. check it out:

11 Money-Etiquette Issues, Solved Real Simple

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