her steeze: camille from peaceimages.

dope. flyy. that's just 2 of the words of endearment that came to mind when i found camille's peaceimages jewelry site. i mean, check it:

brass africa ring, hand-wrapped in various fabrics, $39.50

the hotness. i knew you'd agree. there's more where that came from and i wasn't going to keep all the heat to myself. peep her steeze:

camille is a double pisces - libra, afro-havin' sun baby from cali!

how long have you been designing jewelry?
i started designing jewelry 2 years ago after i suddenly felt empowered to fix my broken baubles that were collecting dust in my jewelry box. after spending a few bucks on tools, i had completely resuscitated my entire accessory collection. i took parts off of some things, added them to others, and my destiny was staring me in the face. why can't i create for others?

what inspires you/your collection?
i am inspired by nature; the seeds, the fruit, the colors, the textures, the life! erykah badu most inspires me to incorporate everything into my art. my flaws, my ignorance, my humility, my imagination, my beliefs, my experiences. that's just what her music is... and we all love and admire her FOR it. i'm inspired by struggle; the struggle of being a woman.. a Black woman; the struggles my people have experienced for centuries. when people wear my jewelry, i want them to feel like it's telling a story of something they've experienced..

i also try to create jewelry that transcends trends. i want you to still rock my things for years to come, and maybe even pass them onto your babies!

if you could have a glass of wine with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
wow.. that's tough to narrow down. i would have a glass of wine with frida kahlo. she endured so much pain in her lifetime; a cheating husband, failing health, miscarriage... and still, she had this amazing wit and ability to light up a room! she took her pain from her soul, put it in her hands, and was able to paint it. it prevented her pain from running her. that type of perspective, one can only pray for! she was a very strong person.

your stranded on an island with only 3 items. what are they?
waterproof matches, my dog, and a knife. lol..

future plans?
live a comfortable life where my future kids and husband have medical care, growing my own food, traveling the world on a modest budget, continuing to enjoy the freedom of working for myself.

my favorite style icon?
badu. definitely. she made it cool to rock a headwrap on the red carpet with a gown. she is amazing. one day she's in 5" ysl pumps and an a-line dress, the next, a simple tube dress, with huge pieces of jewelry as the focus, and an afro wig. she knows no limits. she plays with different hairstyles and colors, and allows her inner beauty to shine. what she wears complements her beauty. she always seems so free in what she wears. never uncomfortable. style is defined by you ...

my style can be described as?
i never used to think i had style. it was never really something i thought about. i guess it's something you develop over time.
i like to feel stylish, sexy and comfortable all at once; i feel most empowered when i can find the balance between affordable, chic and comfy :)
i like to blend my relaxed, tropical cali roots with the fashion-forward style you experience in big cities like ny, chi, or la. i shop at thrift stores and marshall's a lot, and i try to purchase things that won't ever go out of style.

you open up your favorite magazine and are stoked to find ____ rocking your pieces ...
badu! it'll happen. mark my words :)

no doubt sis. dig your energy.
shop camille's site here, check out her blogspot and tumblr here and here, tweet her here.


Ife' said...

Oh wow! her stuff is hot! She has offically been bookmarked under "shopping"

~ Eboni Ife

~Kymmy~ said...

The ring is HOTT! I would rock that hard!