her steeze: janique from hergoodybag.com.

like you, i appreciate a fabulous blog. it takes me about a second to know if i want to add a blog to my reading list. as was the case when i stumbled upon ms. janique's her goody bag blog. hot fashion and beauty features + lifestyle posts without a negative format, don't expect just a cut and paste type of writer. peep her steeze ...

"i am not too much into trends ... "

janique. honest. fun. loving. creative. intelligent. competitive. driven. opinionated. stylish. outgoing. that's pretty much me in a nut-shell.

what you do?
for my day job (the one that pays the bills) i am a full time english teacher, but i am also a fashion writer/blogger. through my blog i help people "look good. feel great. live better."

i was born and raised in brooklyn, ny and so i write and blog from a ny perspective.

what inspired you to start your hergoodybag.com blog?
i was actually encouraged by my older brother to start a blog. he's always felt i had an interesting perspective, especially when it came to fashion, so i decided to share that perspective with the world. i also started the blog because i felt there were a surplus of high-end fashion blogs and gossip celebrity blogs that were negative. her goody bag shows practical fashionable living without the negativity.

future plans?
i am working on taking HGB to the next level and i am in the process of starting my own image consulting/personal shopping company. so be on the look out for that!

your style can be described as?
classic with an edgy twist. i am not too much into trends, i prefer mixing classic pieces that will never go out of style with the season's "must have" item.

favorite style icon?
victoria beckham for her confidence and boldness. michelle obama for her classic style. and rihanna for her edginess and ability to make almost anything look like a million bucks!

if you could have a martini with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
it would have to be michelle obama. she is awesome!

your stranded on an island with only 3 items. what are they?
Bible, lip balm/gloss, journal & pen (i guess i cheated a little because i listed 4).

you definitely want to tune in for thirsty thursdays where she posts a delicious big girl drink (like the peach margarita - yum) along with a complementary outfit. love it. why didn't i think of that?


solesister said...

Like the outfit but LOVE the shoes. Please give me information about these shoes. I need them to survive!!!
I would love to do a post about them on my blog

Makeup by Kim Porter said...

Awww Janique looks so nice. Great post & interview.

Like your blog too by the way


.:Not Just Beauty:.

Janique said...

Thanks again Halimah for the feature.

Thanks Kim, I appreciate it!

@solesister My shoes are from Aldo Shoes. I bought them at the outlet in March. I forgot the name of the shoe, but I have the box at home, I'll post the name of the shoe later.